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Videos of This Woman Is Going Viral After She Talks Openly About Losing All Of Her Teeth because of Drug Addiction

It is very silly when you judge others on their smiles because all of us born without teeth.

Only one step can change our life into the best or the worst, it’s the first step or some accidents in daily life, we will deal with the story of women who become without teeth because of drugs before that the girl was living her life like any other girl after that somethings happen it changed her life it’ll help hell.

So after that, her brother had murdered and she gets to jail she started dealing with drugs to begin a new story of suffering she started losing her teeth one by one until that situation became so difficult and so complex she will lose all her teeth.

It’s so hard, so sad moments to lose all your teeth, she removed them completely she becomes toothless for over two months (I started seeing myself as hideous, I didn’t feel pretty )she said.

After the damage the drugs cause it to her tooth and becoming toothless, she used dentures and she used Tik Tok to tell her story and somehow dentures beautiful and everyone have not to hide them.


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Faith’s videos got millions of views, especially the one in which she smiles without teeth or dentures. She also said that wearing dentures it’s not a shame, and It’s not only for ‘old people’. She adopted the situation, and she patient and tolerant. Faith sharing also her daily life with dentures on TikTok, and many people reacting and saying that they don’t know if you use dentures or hair her real teeth.

Faith cleans her dentures and her mouth every night, she said : ( I was told that keeping them out while I sleep my preserve my bone structure… ). And I can even bite into an apple! she said.


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Faith wants to help people struggling financially today to bring them back a smile, She doesn’t want people to be ashamed and cover their smile because everyone has a story and every single person is a human. It is very silly when you judge others on their smiles because all of us born without teeth.


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We really need to Thank Faith for sharing her story with others she encourages others by showing her experiment it’s amazing.

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