The 14 Best Exercises To Lose Weight

Many of us aspire to have a harmonious and beautiful body, get rid of excess weight, and maintain its health effectively and quickly without going through high-hardship exercises or committing to weight-loss and weight-loss courses, in light of the many practical and daily obligations that do not allow him to go to gyms or commit to certain courses.

Each of us must be concerned with his agility and the consistency of his body, and the concern for fitness and losing excess weight maintains the health of the body against many diseases caused by obesity, most of which lead to more other dangerous diseases, so to maintain public health, attention must be paid to nutrition and body agility And daily physical performance.

And because fitness is the dream of most people who suffer from excess weight and fat accumulated on the body, it is necessary to make sure first of the safety of the mental and health of the body, because mental health negatively affects the weight and the passage of the body with some diseases and taking some medicines and drugs also causes a great deal of weight also.

Here are 14 effective exercises to lose weight.

Neck exercise:

Bend the neck aside and then rotate it forward to the other side from 5 to 7 times, as this exercise is useful for flexibility and lengthening of the neck muscles, and this exercise is recommended before starting other exercises to accelerate the blood flow to the brain and thus activate it before the next muscular effort.

Walking exercise:

Walking is one of the best exercises ever that enables you to quickly lose body fats and fats, maintain a healthy and healthy body, and release your negative energies and replace them with positive ones.

It is not necessary to go to clubs for walking, but you can practice it on a sports treadmill available to buy and put it at home, and you can also practice walking by holding a high back chair and walking while you are in the same place, but of course, the device will help you lose weight faster.

And always remember that it is necessary to do some warm-up exercises before walking to ensure a better result, and to prepare the muscles to practice various sports after complete inactivity to easily receive the physical effort that you will be subjected to during the exercise, in addition to the importance of these exercises in strengthening the respiratory system and expanding the lung in order to supply the body with the largest amount of oxygen while jogging on the machine.

Also, don’t forget that drinking water or fresh juice is very important during rest during exercise, to prevent dehydration resulting from the lack of body fluids during exercise.

Weight-bearing exercise:

Who said that these exercises are only limited to men? Rather, its usefulness encourages you to practice it on an ongoing basis as well, as these exercises help you to reshape the body, strengthen its muscle structure and obtain a coiled body, and it also helps to raise the rate of metabolism in the body and increase the ability of muscles to dissolve the fat around them.

But never forget that you must lift specific weights according to your available bodyweight because carrying more weight will completely backfire on your health. You are indispensable, and you can practice this by filling bottles with water and carrying them several times with your hands, then fixing them on your legs and carrying them also several times.

Bike Exercise:

 Bike exercise helps you to melt body fat, especially in the abdomen, buttocks and buttocks, and it also tightens sagging skin in the thighs and legs and gets rid of cellulite.

 You can practice this exercise on the available bicycle device, which also provides you with a part to move the arms, and you can also practice it yourself by sleeping on the back on the floor and lifting the legs to the top while installing a heavy load on your feet, such as bottles loaded with sand, for example and moving your feet in a circular motion as if you are already riding a bicycle  .

Abdominal exercise:

 This exercise helps greatly in losing the fat accumulated on the abdomen and suctioning it and obtaining a flat stomach, which you can place his device anywhere in the house where it does not occupy much space, and it also helps you to strengthen the lower, middle and upper abdominal muscles.

 You can practice this exercise yourself also by sleeping on the back and then doing up with stabilizing the legs on the ground and not moving them so that the pressure is completely on the abdominal muscles, this exercise will enable you to magically hide the fat around the abdomen and you will not be able to dispense with doing it as it will impress you with a wonderful result during  Only two weeks.

Bike riding:

 Cycling is a very fun sport that can be practiced with a group of friends, and it can burn between 600 and 900 calories per hour.


Yoga is not just a sport, it is a system for the soul, body, and mind. It is suitable for all ages and can be practiced anytime and anywhere. It increases the body’s flexibility, especially in the joints that we rarely use in our daily life, and it works to firm the body, prevent sagging, increase the efficiency of the respiratory process, in addition to adjusting mood and reducing stress and depression..

Body-stretching exercises

 Body-tightening exercises, where these exercises work to tighten the skin and tissues under it, remove unwanted pockets of fat, and eliminate sagging skin.


 Kickboxing is one of the best aerobic exercises to burn calories, tone muscles, improve coordination, and increase speed and agility.

Pranayama :

Pranayama helps to maintain fitness and youthfulness and should be practiced before eating. This sport aims to provide the body with a quantity of pure oxygen by placing the hands on the knees, pressing with the thumb and ring finger and taking a deep breath with relaxation, so that the lungs are filled with oxygen, then exhaling forcefully, and repeating the exercise for a period of 5 to 10 times.

Surya Namaskar: Surya

It is a type of yoga that relies on breathing slowly, then gradually escalating, until it reaches normal breathing. This sport helps to lose weight.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

A dynamic technique for squatting, with complete back straightness, sitting on a mat, with an elongated spine, parallel neck with chin, eyes closed with hands placed on knees, in a position that lasts 5-10 minutes.

Anulom VIlom

This is done by sitting cross-legged in a relaxed position, by closing the eyes and keeping everything done, i.e. relax the muscles, then press the opening of the right nose with the right hand and breathe through the left nostril, then count to 5, then do the opposite with The other nostril is the same, at a frequency of 10:15.


Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises such as running and cycling, and it is also considered a resistance exercise because of the water resistance, and this helps to lose weight quickly.

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