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What kind of puppy is the best for you?

Thinking of taking the plunge and adding a new member to your family? Find out what type of dog you should have based on your lifestyle!

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    What kind of house do you live in?

    • Apartment
    • House
    • Farm
  • Question of

    Why do you want a dog?

    • As a family pet with kids
    • As Companion for an elderly person
    • For protection purposes/ as a guard dog
    • As herding dog (working/performance dog)
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    Where is your home located?

    • Rural
    • Downtown
    • Suburban
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    How many hours in the day do you plan to leave the dog by itself?

    • 2-4 h
    • 4-8 h
    • 8- 12 h
    • 12-16h
  • Question of

    Do you have any kids in the house

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    How many hours in a day do you plan to exercise your dog (walk,train,play)

    • 0 h
    • less than 1h
    • 1-2h
    • 2h or more
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    Is obedience and training something you plan to do with your dog?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Is excessive barking a problem for you?

    • Yes
    • No
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    How affectionate do you want your dog to be?

    • Moderately affectionate
    • Very affectionate, wants to play with you often
    • Does not go out of his way to seek attention
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    How energetic do you want your dog to be?

    • A dog who is a happy with few walks a day.
    • A dog who is not really too interested in going outdoors.
    • A dog with endless energy, always up for playing!
    • A dog who is ready to go home after a couple hours.
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    Have you had a dog before, or been an experienced dog handler?

    • No, have never owned or really handled dogs before
    • Moderately experienced (e.g. never owned but did petsitting)
    • Yes, very experienced with dogs
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    How often do you plan to groom your dog?

    • Once a week or more often
    • 1-2x a month
    • Never
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    How often do you plan to take your dog to the veterinarian?

    • Only when it’s sick
    • Once a year for annual check ups
    • At death’s door.
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    How much would you be willing to spend on a dog?

    • Less than $20 a month
    • 20$-60$ a month
    • 60$ or more

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