Most Romantic Travel Destinations for Couples During this Pandemic

Are you looking for romantic destinations, all you want is here, we give you details of the most romantic places in the world, in order to get wonderful travel of honeymoon and special and my be adventurous.
So here are some nice travels that you can choose depending on your taste, taking into consideration precautions of ( COVID-19).

1- Venice, Italy:

Photo by Ludovico Lovisetto on Unsplash

This place is one of the top romantic destinations, it’s always present in the lists of places suggested to visit, for many reasons, it’s so beautiful and peaceful city, with charm you can have their dinner in the middle of the sea, in which you enjoy the sunset and some different, You have many things to do, visit pizza San Marco, Gondola ride, and long walks around the city.

2- Santorini, Greece:

It’s a nice and quiet famous island, there is no reason to not make this place on the top destinations to enjoy, peaceful and romantic place this should be visited the color of its sea also is mesmerizing the activities you can have there are: swim in hot springs, see the sunset and the sunrise and sail around the island.

3- Karbi, Thailand:

Thailand one of the most Asian countries which contains beautiful places like shades of blue water, Krabi is one of the areas you can go visit in Thailand is located on the southern area of the north coast of the country. You have a lot to do in Thailand like visiting the thung teao forest natural park, or swim on hot springs on Klondike thom and visit the temples.

4- Maldives:

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

Just when you mention the Maldives, you mean happiness and enjoyment, it’s like a paradise where the sea and the sky are United and inseparable. you find there peace and beauty, you can relax in the Maldives, parasailing, swim, diving also.

5- Istanbul, Turkey:

Photo by Adli Wahid on Unsplash

It’s orient travel takes you to the most beautiful and peaceful areas it’s a nice destination for your honeymoon ever, you will have numerous places to visit and to enjoy in turkey like the Maiden‘s tower, you can also take Bosphorus cruise and watch dervishes.

6- Kyoto, Japan:

Photo by Sorasak on Unsplash

Kyoto was the capital of Japan, it’s full of beautiful things and it has a magical sense, it’s famous with its technology, absolutely Japan has many things that can make you feel love and enjoy, it inspires you, when you go there you can visit the Kyoto imperial place and the Kiyo Mizu-dear temple, there is an old historic thing like Bamboo groove you can walk through it.

7- British Virgin Islands:

These islands are in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico and the US virgin, it’s not a famous destination for couples it’s simply fascinating, it contains a nice maritime national park, you can explore the Baths on Virgin Gorda, and of course sailing and yachting without questions.

8- Scotland:

Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

You have many reasons to choose Scotland to relax and enjoy, it looks like heaven, when going there you will live a fairy tale, it’s also feeling of enjoying places you can visit and enjoy the royal botanic garden Edinburg it’s so beautiful, visit the Edinburg Castle, Loch Ness lake is a nice area with its mythical sea it’s good to visit too.

9- San Francisco, California:

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Who doesn’t know or hair by Hollywood and Disney California of course known by these names or places, this or other things can makes this area a romantic destination, the main things you do or enjoy are walk through the Shakespeare garden, and across the Golden Gate Bridge, it will be amazing, you can further to enjoy romantic stow lake.

10- Aswan, Egypt:

Image by DEZALB from Pixabay

Egypt is one of the most countries in the world which have old civilizations and famous cities like Aswan, the beauty of Aswan is related to its history and its amazing nature if you interested in history you should go there, you enjoy drinking tea on the Nile or to take a boat you will love so much. For more enjoyment spend a day in the Botanical garden, and visit the temple Philae, go to the cataract.

11- Koh Samui, Thailand:

This island is famous for it’s beautiful beaches, it’s the second-largest island in Thailand after Phuket this area also has things to visit like the big bouddha shrine, Koh tao means turtle, if you go there you will find it exciting, you can see turtles there.

12- Bora Bora:

Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay

It’s an island in the South Pacific Ocean, it’s in the middle of the water in which nowhere, that makes it on the list of the romantic destinations, enjoy the sunset, you see the dolphins and whales, there is a beach there called Matira if you love swimming it’s wonderful for that.

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