Three Best Foods to Incorporate Into Your Diet

Do you eat certain foods but are not able to maintain a healthy eating regime? It can be tough to sustain a daily consistency of healthy eating.  

Some days you may eat a cheesesteak for lunch and a big calorie-loaded dinner. What happens after these meals? You start to feel sluggish, and you keep asking yourself, “why”? 

Now you don’t have to switch to a total healthy eating lifestyle with a snap of a finger. However, you can incorporate certain foods into your life to make you feel alive, focused, and full of energy. 

Let’s check these foods out! 

1. Sardines 

You must be thinking, yuck, are you serious? Even just the thought of sardines might make you vomit at this very moment. However, these small fish are delicious if seasoned correctly and are so beneficial for your overall health. 

Sardines come from the waters off the little island called Sardinia in the Mediterranean. Adding this oily fish to your diet can boost vitamin B-12, which will enhance your energy levels. Sardines contain 1,800mg of omega-3, which are essential to your brain health. 

To make this fish taste scrumptious, you can mash them up, add a pinch of pepper, some lemon juice, and chopped onions. One bite, and you will fall in love. 

2. Walnuts 

One of the healthiest snacks is walnuts. Add these to your morning snack or afternoon snack, and you will get a boost of energy. The antioxidant level is sky high with more omega-3 fats than any other nut. The intriguing walnut is a crunchy, delicious snack that helps reduce cholesterol. 

Eating one cup of walnuts or even just a handful will add benefits to your diet in the long run. Lower blood sugar and cholesterol are one of the most significant benefits of these great nuts. 

3. Kale/Spinach 

A healthy lunch goes a long way during the day. Adding a bit of kale or spinach to your lunch will help you feel full, along with a healthy dose of eating. 

 Can you snack on kale and spinach? Yes, you can snack on both. The best way to snack on either is to cook both on a skillet, add some olive oil and minced garlic. You can also eat both plain and add to a salad of your choosing. 

Why eat either of these delicious vegetables? Both are high in vitamin K, which promotes bone health as well as Alzheimer’s disease prevention. 


Dieting is a fad that is counterintuitive to healthy living. Following a strict diet will only stress you out if you consistently try to stick to specific nourishment.  On the other hand, incorporating foods into your daily eating will help build a good habit over time. 

Small foods such as sardines, walnuts, kale, and spinach can slowly build a healthy eating regimen. Each of these foods will give you long term benefits such as better blood sugar regulation, lower cholesterol, and improved cognition. The short term benefits are abundant, such as more focused energy and a better mood throughout the day. 

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