12 Tips to Maintain a Long-Distance Friendships

The friendship

The term friendship has been taken from honesty, and it means sincerity in advice and brotherhood, and is based on feelings of love, understanding, age closeness, and friendship also means the exchange of experiences and opinions, and the similarity of interests, values, trends and social conditions among friends, and cooperation, deep understanding and willingness to disclose secrets are the most important characteristics that Friends are distinguished by them, and a true friend is a help to his friend in good times and misfortunes, and he shares his joys and sorrows, and he accepts his friend, encourages him and improves his behavior, and friendship is not required to have all these components together. The same concerns, but in fact the greater the compatibility in the components; The stronger the friendship, the more
In this article, we will talk about the Tips to Maintain a Long-Distance Friendships which include :

12. Be honest

Relationships based on honesty last forever, for a true friend is honest and willing to give or receive notes from his friend, unlike superficial relationships that often fade with the passage of time, and a friend is characterized by integrity and humility and answers questions with credibility even if the questions asked are difficult or Embarrassing, when friends talk together, open their hearts and open up to each other, it makes their friendship real and strong.

11. Accept him and sympathize with him

Knowing the nature of a friend and accepting him with his beautiful qualities or faults, and not forcing him to change or mocking him, is one of the basic rules that will maintain friendship, as this generates compassion and sympathy and makes the individual flexible, which expands his potential to obtain long-term friendships.

10. Maintain communication

Communication perpetuates the relationship between friends. Contacting a friend at least once a week ensures that he is familiar with his news and developments in his life. It will also reduce the accumulation of worries and responsibilities for him by discussing and venting feelings, in addition to meeting him face to face and visiting him on his occasions will strengthen the fraternal bond between them, as well as Effective communication on social media enables the individual to follow his friend’s posts, verify his status and interact with him.

9. Appreciation and gratitude to them

Appreciation and gratitude to a friend is always one of the best ways to express love and respect for him, such as thanks and gratitude to him for being next to him and for attending his events, or for sharing many life matters.

8. Trust and keep secrets

Building trust between friends needs to disclose the strengths and weaknesses of both, and to be transparent. A friend who aspires to keep his friend for life must be trustworthy and stand in the way of anyone trying to break the trust between him and his friend, as well as fulfilling promises, concealing secrets and not disclosing them. In moments of weakness; It promotes trust between friends.

7. Be positive

Good friends inspire and make their friends feel satisfied, in addition to focusing on the good qualities of their friends and motivating them to accomplish their projects and pursue their creative hobbies, as they spread their positive energy, and keep away from their frustration or belittling them.

6. Ask for advice from them

Seeking advice from a friend and taking some of his thoughts and comments on certain topics is one of the ways to show courtesy and interest in his opinion, and it is worth noting that seeking advice to build self-awareness or create new habits, or make positive changes, will indicate the extent of their self-esteem and admiration for them, regardless. From their cultural backgrounds or life beliefs, true friends add a unique look to their friends’ lives.

5. Advise and guide them

A true friend seeks to preserve his friend and take his hand to the path of righteousness and guidance, and tries to guide him by presenting some suggestions or hypotheses that may enhance his cognitive behavior, and long friendships are based on mutual respect and avoid impulsivity. To avoid embarrassment, when you give advice in a polite manner, it is more likely that the friend will take it into account.

4. Resolve disputes wisely

Managing and resolving differences in friendship is a vital skill that friends with discernment enjoy to protect their friends, whether the dispute is between the two friends or one of them with other friends, and that is by listening and looking at each person from his own perspective, seeking excuses for the other party, and letting him express his inner strength and reasons. That led to conflict, and ultimately satisfactory solutions, apologies to each other, and the realization that friendship is more important than personal interests and conflicts.

3. Doing activities together

Friends sharing their favorite interests and activities is a great mechanism for developing friendship and arousing feelings of happiness between them, as fun is a common element to form and maintain friendships, and the practice of enjoyable activities and sports together stimulates social interactions between them, in addition to encouraging the friend to take on a new hobby to get more fun and entertainment together.

2. Taking into account temporal changes

One of the most important elements that must be adhered to is taking into account the changes that occur to friends and keeping pace with them. Because personality may change and develop from year to year, they are ultimately dynamic people whose habits, personalities, and way of life change, and some circumstances may arise between a person and his friend, so the memory should not remain suspended from the past tense and the old compatibility, but new standards and methods must be used. Other for dealings, being alert to changes and differences, and keeping up with friends; This is to preserve them and keep the friendship strong between them.

1. Establish boundaries

Strong friendships require setting some limits, so it is preferable to take caution and caution to preserve the friend and not to exhaust him with requests or advice, in addition to not crossing his line of respect, and to the extent that he enjoys communicating with him, he must leave enough space for him to be open and open and not to evade or be restless from Relationship.

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